John Senhauser Architects is an architecture and interior design firm committed to providing a complete range of quality services. Our focus is residential projects including new homes, additions, interior renovations, and multifamily and mixed-use developments. Owing to our small size, a personal and professional attentiveness is brought to each project.

For potential clients, a complimentary initial meeting is offered to discuss your project-related objectives and aspirations. Together, we seek to find how architecture can not only support, but also enrich your lifestyle. Our experience serves to guide you through the design and construction process of creating or improving your home or business. Generally, that process includes the following project phases:

1. Design Phase

We begin by discussing your project’s site, scope, budget, and schedule. Using this information, alternative solutions are explored with the following tools: sketches, drawings, physical and/or digital models. Following your review and acceptance of the design, a selected contractor studies the schematic drawings and provides a preliminary construction cost estimate. This preliminary estimate is mutually evaluated before the design is further developed. With your approval, we begin preparation of the Construction Documents.

2. Construction Documentation Phase

During this phase, drawings and specifications are prepared for bidding or negotiation, permitting, and construction. Structural engineering details are also coordinated with our consultant, if necessary. Once the Construction Documents are complete, we assist you with obtaining proposals from a select group of builders and awarding a contract for construction.

3. Construction Phase

Acting as your representative, we administer the contract between you and the contractor. Generally, our construction administration services include: interpreting the contract documents, reviewing the contractor’s submittals, visiting the site, reviewing and certifying payments, rejecting nonconforming work, and determining substantial and final completion stages for the project.

Routinely, we assist you in the selection of interior finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and appliances. The interior spaces of your project are considered as carefully and thoughtfully as the exterior. Crafting interior and exterior details that share a similar logic, scale, proportion, rhythm, and balance lies at the heart of our practice. As demonstrated throughout our project portfolio, our work involves a constant interplay of building and site, light and shadow, interior spaces and outdoor rooms.