Taking its cues from both persona and place, this residence seeks to reconcile a steeply-sloped, wooded site with the late client’s desire to live in a log home in the woods. The residence was conceived as a 24 ft x 150 ft linear bar rising into the trees. Positioned according to subdivision covenants, the structure bridges 40 feet across an existing intermittent creek, thereby preserving natural drainage patterns and habitat. An 80 feet long ‘grand terrace’ and double-height window wall were incised into the linear bar. The window wall not only provides continual connection to the surrounding woods, but also enables indirect daylight to penetrate the interior. In addition to preserving existing drainage patterns and providing natural daylight, additional sustainable features include a grass roof, wood flooring locally milled using walnut trees cleared from the site during construction, and a minimal building footprint.

Photography: Eric Williams, Scott Hisey