Girls Hope House Renovation

“Boys Hope/ Girls Hope helps children who are hurt or at risk, yet academically capable, to realize their potential by providing value- centered family-like homes and quality education through college.”

Boys Hope/ Girls Hope of Greater Cincinnati Mission Statement

The existing Queen Anne style residence was purchased by a benevolent couple and donated to the Boys Hope/Girls Hope organization in order to establish the first Girls Hope House.

The program required accommodations for eight girls and two house parents. Accepting the realities of a charity’s budget, life/ safety concerns, and the project brief, our firm questioned whether the larger issues of community, neighborhood acceptance, stability, historic significance, and gender equity could be stimulated through the thoughtful renovation of a single home.

Not only has the project been accepted, but it has made news. The project has been featured in articles that speak of philanthropy and preservation, such as the Metro news. Most importantly, the girls are happy and have taken pride in showing their home.