This Mount Adams row house was designed for a bachelor in 1991. The Postmodern era interiors were both heavy-handed and dated, in need of a complete makeover. The existing bath, being somewhat compartmentalized, was buried deeply in the plan. It was further darkened by the deep gray granite floors and walls and black bath fixtures. Light entering through the skylight was immediately absorbed by the fixtures and finishes.

The owner’s decision to remove a pre-fabricated fireplace from the living room below the master bedroom allowed for a welcome reconfiguration of the master suite. The walk-in closet and bath compartments were removed, creating a dressing room with nearly double the usable closet space and a more open, light-filled bathroom. Finally, subtle-colored porcelain and glass tile, white composite fixtures, and translucent glass-paneled wood doors were implemented to reflect a simple modern lightness.


  • Merit Award, 2008 AIA Cincinnati Design Awards
  • Merit Award, 2009 AIA Cincinnati CORA Awards
  • Best Bathroom, 2008 Cincinnati Magazine Design Awards


  • Cincinnati Magazine, December 2008
Photography: Scott Hisey