• Night Shot-3
  • column to beam bracket detail
  • kitchen
  • bdrmdeck
  • Side View Sunscreens
  • sunscreens

Situated in an urban hillside community comprised of detached rowhouses, the project site is a twenty-five feet wide by one hundred thirty feet deep lot on a bluff offering impressive views of the Ohio River Valley. As an adaptation and departure from the rowhouse type, this residence explores the relationship of home and its surroundings.

Contributing to the character of the design is the challenge to create a domestic experience capable of affording privacy while embodying the diverse lifestyle of an active husband and wife. Given the site’s orientation to the river, the conventional arrangement of public/private is reversed; private rooms are located at the front and gathering spaces at the rear. This inversion is expressed in the difference between the front façade, closed to the street, and the rear façade, open to the panoramic view of the Ohio River Valley.

Photography: Robert A. Cook