Arts and Crafts Residence

A successful architecture should strive for the interaction of ideals, values and space; not merely replication of type and style. While there is an obvious debt to the arts and crafts movement in this house, it is less a grafting of details and more accurately an extension of a philosophy. The craft of cabinetmaking and woodworking is extended into the modern dictum calling for an economy of form. That form is illuminated here with a rich palette of local materials including cherry, poplar, oak, glacial round stone, granite, slate and, most importantly, light.

The resulting L-shaped plan serves to enfold the landscape and to define three separate yard spaces each with a distinct character. Inside, the home embraces the dwellers in a cozy yet open plan. Overall, this home is not revealing a truth about traditional forms or styles, but about joining the craft of making with the more casual order of a contemporary lifestyle.

Photography: Seth Evan Boyd